Smoke exhaust fans

Extraction of smoke from buildings in case of fire

Did you know, that the real danger in a fire is neither the heat nor the flames? In fact, most people die from toxic fumes, which are not only a danger to life and limb, but also hamper firefighters and thereby the rescue of persons, or make this even impossible.

TROX TLT already realized this problem in 1971 - and then developed the first fan to quickly and efficiently evacuate hazardous fumes from the building in case of a fire. The smoke exhaust fan was born and of course has been subject to ongoing development and modernisation since.

Just one example: Special 400°C tunnel fans with hydraulic blade adjustment, which are being used for smoke extraction from the Elbtunnel in Hamburg and which have been especially certified for this purpose by the MPA in Braunschweig.

Classic TROX TLT smoke exhaust fans are available for temperature ranges of 200, 300, 400 and 600°C (120 minutes each). All smoke exhaust fans are approved and safe.

They of course have been tested to EN 12 101, Part 3 by Munich Technical University (TU), EC-certified and approved according to German building regulations.

Customers around the world rely on our smoke extraction fans, be it in sports stadiums, airports, shopping malls, exhibition halls, underground parkings or factory complexes.

Overview smoke exhaust fans:

AGE Arbeitsgemeinschaft Entrauchung (Working Committee Smoke Extraction)

Der Bereich Gebäude- und Tunnelventilatoren der TROX TLT GmbH ist Mitglied der AGE.

TROX TLT GmbH division Building- and Tunnel Fans is member of the AGE working committee on smoke extraction.

The AGE brings the issue of integral smoke extraction into the concept of preventive fire protection and informs on conceptual and technical innovations regarding smoke extraction from buildings.

Compact smoke exhaust control

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